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Zero-Waste Conditioner


Ladies I'm in love. I had serious doubts about whether this solid conditioner would work for my hair as (those of you who have met me at Markets will know) it's super long, curly and INCREDIBLY thick. I thought solid conditioner was something for those blessed with straight silky hair and pixy cuts. Turns out I was wrong! This leaves my hair so smooth and easy to brush out/de-tangle after my shower. I actually used too much the first couple of times as I assumed that with Solid conditioner you'd have to use more to get the same results....turns out you need less (which is great news for the bank balance!).

How To Use:

(As shown in photos below)

Take the Conditioner bar out and wet in your hands under the shower. Then rub/smooth the conditioner bar over your head, and then run it through the length of your hair right to the ends until you feel that conditioning slick. (As shown in Photos below). Leave on for a couple of minutes if you have curly/dry/tangled hair for some extra conditioning magic!