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Tooth Cleanse and Polish

Cleanse: £8 Polish: £8

Non-plastic, non chemical alternative to toothpaste that doesn't leave you with a soapy taste or bad breath! Use the tooth cleanse to clean your teeth daily, and the tooth polish once a week to keep your teeth stain free. Cost effective too as you only use a couple drops at a time. Keep your smile sexy and save the planet at the same time.

There are other great things about it too, like the fact you’ll be healing your receding gums which come from brushing with far too abrasive pastes.. Also, because it doesn’t contain any glycerin, it won’t block your teeth from remineralizing.

What is remineralizing you say?

Well in short, when have something flavorful in our mouths- food, drink or toothpaste, acids are released in our mouths to begin the process of breaking down our food for digestion. The acids in our mouths actually make our teeth slightly more soft and porous. After you’ve finished eating or drinking, our saliva changes from acidic back to alkaline and if

everything is working well, your teeth should go back to their harder and stronger state. If you brush with sticky things like glycerin, they adhere to the tooth and block the minerals in your saliva from penetrating the tooth. So imagine the state of your poor teeth when your toothbrush enters your mouth with minty explosion flavored toothpaste, digestive acids get released and they get all soft and open then you start vigorously brushing them with intense abrasives. Like using sandpaper in the shower instead of a loofah.


  • Tooth Cleanse: Use 3 drops on a clean damp toothbrush, twice daily.
  • Tooth Polish: Use once a week, brushing your teeth only. Simply sprinkle just a bit on your clean, damp toothbrush and gently polish where you see stains. A little goes a long way. The combination of toxin grabbing activated charcoal, with the cleansing powers of baking soda and the gum health promoting myrrh helps remove stains and keep your teeth healthy.