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Solid Shampoo


Solid…shampoo? Yeah I know, it looks like something that went out of fashion 100 years ago, but once you get your head around the solidness it’s really not that different and it’s so so much better for the planet and your skin. Do you know how many empty bottles of shampoo you’ve thrown away so far this year? How many in a lifetime? Probably enough to fill your bathroom, floor to ceiling.. That’s a lot of waste people. And the chemicals in pretty much all store bought liquid shampoos, I think at least half the list of ingredients are words I do not understand and am too scared to google.

I really like this stuff, it’s simple to use, smells great, and feels good on my hair. And I know the ingredients are so much better for me than all the chemicals in most store bought shampoos. Yes it does require probably a little more effort than liquid shampoo, but it’s worth it knowing I’m no longer adding to that mental image of empty bottles stacked floor to ceiling..


I would recommend the solid shampoo - it foamed easily and lasted much longer than I expected so worked out pretty good value too.


Lily is 4 years old and now has lovely shiny hair again! The solid shampoo allows natural oils to stay on the hair. It had previously become brittle and dry even using an expensive children's shampoo + conditioner.