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Reusable Makeup Wipes

£10.00 per 3000 uses

I love these; they were I think the first eco product I tried, and I’m ashamed to admit that I got a real ego boost from the feeling that I was doing something good for the environment.. and yet not really sacrificing any comfort or convenience at all. I love the size of these; they’re bigger than cotton pads which means I can get more off with each wipe. They’re also so lovely and soft on the skin – if you use them properly. Make sure you wet them thoroughly and then add a good squeeze of eye makeup remover. And because these are material not cotton pads, you don’t need to apply so much pressure whilst you’re wiping - the fibres on the surface are designed to pick up makeup particles more easily. When my mum first tried these she said ‘oh no Poppy, I don’t like these. Oh no, I can’t get use to that.’ – she had barely wet the wipe, then squeezed it out some more, and then not added any makeup remover either. She had then proceeded to apply quite a lot of pressure whilst trying to wipe off her mascara. It was eye-watering to watch..

And then just wash and repeat – you can use these again and again and again and again –300 washes in fact! And there’s 10 in a pack, so each wipe washed 300 times.. that’s 3000 uses (minimum as you don’t have to wash after every use). Now that’s what I call economical.

Quick tip: When you wash these in the machine, make sure to put them in a little net bag and tie the top VERY TIGHTLY. I’ve made the mistake of not securing the bag properly, and one of the makeup wipes escaped and was sort of semi-eaten by the washing machine..