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Household and Travel

From lunchboxes, reusable coffee cups and wash bags to bowls, spatulas and plant pots - everything is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and ridiculously good looking.

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Personal Care and Toiletries

All those little everyday things like cotton swabs and makeup wipes that produce so much waste, we have biodegradable and reusable alternatives for. Ever noticed how many chemicals are in your wash products, and how they come in plastic bottles? Check out our 100% natural ingredients in 100% recyclable packaging!

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Ever tried researching every single chemical ingredient on the back of your makeup bottle? It's not for the faint hearted... And all that plastic packaging. Well these beautiful little products are all 100% natural ingredients in 100% recyclable packaging!

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All our latest products - be the first to check them out!

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You need something durable, non-breakable and colourful for the kids - well it doesn't have to be plastic! These biodegradable sets are the perfect alternative.

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