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Pimple Mud Spot Treatment


Breakout trouble? No need to attack your face with harsh chemicals which usually ends up making things worse for your skin and our environment. Better to hone in on the breakout and use the drawing properties that occur naturally in bentonite clay. The pulling effect of the drying clay helps get circulation moving in the face, and with blood comes healing cells! Improving circulation in the face improves your skin condition over all. Witch hazel extract and tea tree get deep into those pores and get all anti microbial with it. Goldenseal root works wonders clearing bacterial issues. So you can clear your spots whilst being kind to your skin with just four simple, 100% natural ingredients - especially useful for anyone with sensitive skin! And organic! And you can use this as a face mask too! Plus you only need to apply a small amount each time, which means a whole jar lasts a LONG time.

I know smell might not be the most important thing on everyone’s list, but I love the smell of this stuff – I just can’t put anything near my face that I don’t enjoy the smell of.

And last, but definitely not least, this pimple mud is packaged in a little glass jar with a screw top tin lid – not only incredibly pretty but also 100% recyclable.

So there we have it – 100% natural, harsh on spots but not on skin, environmentally friendly. I love this stuff.

The Pimple Mud lasts a good long while, and if it does eventually start drying out just add some water to the jar.