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Lip Paint - Mortar and Pestle


Why, why, why do we put all these harsh chemicals in beauty products on our skin? We wouldn’t eat them.. we wouldn’t expose any of our other organs to them.. and yet we seem to forget that our skin is actually a living, breathing, absorbent part of us. Skin is one of our organ systems! So why treat it with such carelessness? And the plastic waste produced from makeup packaging is PHENOMENAL.

Well this lip paint is a fantastic alternative – made from just 4 100% natural ingredients, in 100% recyclable packaging - you can be good to your skin AND the planet. It’s lipstick without the stick and the nasty packaging and chemicals that come with it. Mortar and Pestle is a gorgeous brick red, coppery and earthy, bright and deep at the same time. It’s a real red red, with some subtle orangey undertones. A little goes a LONG way AND the beeswax used to make this lip paint gives it great staying power. The vitamin E in Mortar and Pestle is added to sooth and be kind to your skin whilst wearing.

Quick tips: this has a matte finish so for some it may be slightly drying, in which case add a little lip balm or moisturiser to your lips before applying the lip paint.

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Ingredients: sunflower oil*, cosmetic grade iron oxide, beeswax, vitamin E*