You need something durable, non-breakable and colourful for the kids - well it doesn't have to be plastic! These biodegradable sets are the perfect alternative.

100% Biodegradable Sugar Set

These bright and cheery, 100% biodegradable sets are made of sugar (suagr?!) and are durable, sturdy and dishwasher safe! The important question is: which colour to choose?

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100% Biodegradable Animal Set

(More designs/colours)

These beautifully decorated sets are a perfect alternative to the traditional plastic kind - durable, dishwasher safe, biodegradable, and most importantly fun! But do you prefer Dinosaurs or Pandas?

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Biodegradable, Reusable Kids Cutlery

Dishwasher safe, colourful and non-plastic - what's not to love? Reduce the amount of plastic you consume, whilst educating the next generation. It's also a safer, healthier alternative for your little ones' bodies.

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Biodegradable, Re-usable Kids set

Durable, stylish, easy-clean, stain resistant, dishwasher safe and oh yeah environmentally friendly... what's not to like? Set of 2 Tray set.

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Bamboo Biodegradable Plasters

These plasters are completely biodegradable from each strip to the packaging. Made from 100% organic bamboo fiber natural gauze and mineral based hypoallergenic adhesive. They have added coconut oil because of it's natural healing properties

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