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Dental Care

Maintaining your oral hygeine is a minefield for plastic - toothbrushes, floss, chewing gum.. the list is endless. Luckily we have some great alternatives to kick start the deplastication of your bathroom!

Bamboo Toothbrush

Every time you throw away a Toothbrush you're adding to that already mountainous amount of plastic waste out there - and I know I've certainly been through a fair few toothbrushes in my time. But these bamboo brushes are a fantastic, biodegradable alternative. Unlike cheap online bamboo brushes, even the bristles on these are biodegradable!

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Bamboo Toothbrush Kids

Making a difference to the environment doesn't just have to be the adult's jobs - get the kids involved with these bamboo Toothbrushes. One of the reasons our generation is so addicted to plastic is because we grew up with no idea of the dangers and just how much damage we were causing. We were reared on plastic.

Unlike cheap online bamboo brushes, even the bristles on these are biodegradable!

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Plant Toothbrush with replaceable head

So you don't want to use a plastic toothbrush but bamboo ones just don't agree with you? This plant based toothbrush looks and feels exactly like plastic but is in fact made completely from plants... And the best bit? It has a removable/replaceable head, saving waste and your pocket.

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Floss Picks

Corn starch biodegradable floss picks in packaging made from plants - now you can floss away guilt free.

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Chewing Gum

Normal chewing is bad for the environment?! Yup, there's always something to catch you out in your plastic free journey. This stuff though is plant based and eco-friendly.

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Toothpaste alternative

Feeling guilty about plastic toothpaste tubes, but find the toothpaste tablets a bit soapy? This non-chemical, non-plastic tooth cleanse and polish set is the perfect solution. Keep your teeth stain free, cut back on those chemicals and save money.

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Interdentral Brushes

Recommended interdental brushes by your dentist but fed of having to use plastic ones? Look no further - these bamboo interdental brushes will keep your teeth clean, your dentist happy and your environmental conscience clear!

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