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Bamboo Toothbrush Kids

Biodegradable, sustainable and ethical, vegan, waterneutral


Toothbrushes are a big culprit of plastic waste, and yet there is such a simple alternative. These stylish bamboo brushes are biodegradable, made from: ethically sourced, sustainable bamboo; environmentally sound, solvent free AURO paints; castor oil derived from the Ricinus plant (that's the bristles) . They're also vegan and waterneutral*. No plastic, no waste, no nonsense.

And for those of you with sensitive teeth we also have ones with soft bristles.

*What is waterneutral? Yeah i wasn't sure what that meant at first either. Basically these brushes are produced with minimal water consumption: they use only natural ingredients that grow without artificial watering (like bamboo). Plus they only use dyes produced without the use of petroleum or other chemical additives. The resulting biodegradability means that the brushes do not leave anything behind i the drinking or ground water. Yeah, i'm impressed too :)