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Biodegradable Lunchbox


These lunchboxes are made from bamboo-fibre and corn starch and are biodegradable after 12-24 months once buried. And they’re dishwasher safe! And they come in a range of vibrant colours! Oh and they’re compact and lightweight! Convinced you yet? Well there is more one plus side to these guys – they’re actually healthier for your body. What? But I’m not eating my lunchbox- how is it healthier? Well tiny amounts of plastic chemicals can leach out from plastic products into the food or drink they’re carrying.. and these chemicals are absorbed by the human body. We are literally poisoning ourselves with plastic. So these non-plastic lunchboxes are a safer, healthier alternative..


I was so happy to replace our plastic containers for our child's packed lunches and when I showed Poppy's alternative to colleagues I got a lot of interest. I bought another for an expectant mother who wants to reduce plastic in her children's lives.